Product Lines

THINDOWN® is available in different down qualities and weights to meet the specific needs of each brand.
Delivered in rolls 15 – 50 meters long, depending on the weight, and 150 cm width, it can be processed in any laboratory, not necessarily specialized in down, considerably reducing production and delivery times and consequently costs.

The world’s first real down fabric. Available in goose or duck down.

Goose or duck down.
Available in 30g, 45g, 60g, 80g, 120g, 150g.
Warm, soft and light.
2 x warmer than loose down, 4 x warmer than polyester
(comparing same weight)

100% post consumer recycled down fabric

Real 100% recycled down.
Available in 45g, 60g and 80g.
Attention to the environment and unmatchable thermal performance.

All the benefits of down and the best of polyester.

60% real duck down and 40% recycled polyester.
Available in 45g, 60g and 80g.
Same weight: 2 x warmer than polyester alone.

The world’s first real down fabric enhanced by Sorona® fibers.
The best of nature and the best of science.

Available in 45g, 60g, 80g.
Extra drapeness and comfort. Soft, warm and light.

Real recycled down fiber fabric.

Available in 50g.

Down fiber is a non-primary material intended for disposal, NIPI R40 is able to regenerate and re-use fibers, with the aim of rationalising raw materials and promoting circular production processes.

Blend of down clusters, feathers and fibers. All recycled.

35% recycled down clusters, 65% recycled fibers and down.

Available in 45g and 60g.
A highly sustainable fabric with an elevated thermal rate.

The first stretch real down fabric.

Available in 30g.

Down fabric that follows body movements, thermal
performance and elevated comfort.